What is the 1/4 handicap and how to play it effectively

What is the 1/4 handicap and what is the content? It has received a lot of positive responses from players since its launch. This is considered a modern type of football betting, suitable for the young generation who are passionate about sports. To help you quickly get acquainted with Asian handicaps, 55BMW will provide specific instructions through the following article.

What is the standard concept of 1/4 handicap?

What is the standard concept of 1/4 handicap?

1/4 handicap is one of the small branches of Asian handicap, also known as Handicap handicap. It was launched by bookmakers a long time ago, but up to now it still maintains a strong position in the betting market. Bringing football lovers a good opportunity to reunite and enjoy dramatic cheering moments through the seasons.

Handicap 0.25 and interesting information for players

A handicap of 1/4 or 0.25 means that the player will predict to choose a team with stronger strength to handicap the other team. Or you can also buy the handicapped team when you think it is the weaker side and has little chance of winning. Handicap here is understood as the final result of the match must have a difference of 1/4 or more.

This bet has two options for you to choose from as mentioned above, first is the upper team with a high advantage, in addition, is the lower team with a low chance of winning. No matter which side you bet on when the results match, you will receive the same amount of money as the odds. The special thing is that when the two sides are tied, whoever chooses the top bet will lose half, and the bottom pick will get half the bet.

At which reputable bookmakers can you bet on handicaps?

At which reputable bookmakers can you bet on handicaps?

Currently, in the vibrant betting market, there is no shortage of quality bookmakers for you to choose from, a place for you to feel secure and immerse yourself in your dreams. 55BMW playground will be a wise decision for bettors near and far when providing many sports betting entertainment services for you. Big promotions are always launched to thank customers and welcome new players.

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Guide you to play 1/4 handicap correctly and win easily

Surely there will be many of you who still have difficulty when playing 1/4 handicap betting. Understanding this, the 55BMW staff will guide you with all their might. Below are extremely easy-to-understand and concise instructions on how to play handicap so you don’t have to waste time searching.

What is the method of determining and predicting the 1/4 handicap?

To play a form of betting with a high winning rate, whether it is European, Asian, or over/under-betting, you also need to make careful bets. First, on the bookmaker’s main website, look for a reasonable and safe place to bet. Next, analyze whether the odds are satisfactory or not, noting the time and names of the two teams competing. After that, you should read a lot of news about the football team to make the final decision.

How much money can you win with a 0.25 handicap bet?

To help you understand more about the 0.25 handicap, you can refer to the following example. In a World Cup group match between Portugal and Ghana, if you bet $100 on Portugal to handicap 1/4 goal (calculated at a rate of 0-0.5), it will be calculated as follows:

  • When Portugal wins by 1 goal or more than Ghana (ie 2-1, 3-2, 4-1, 5-2,…), you will receive 0.62 x 100$ = 62$ profit.
  • When Ghana wins, it is considered that you have lost all your initial capital of $100.
  • When both teams tie, you lose $50 and get $50 back.

Share your experience in soccer betting for newbies

Share your experience in soccer betting for newbies

To play well with the 0.25 handicap or betting in general, you should follow each betting step correctly and make quick decisions so as not to miss out on good opportunities. However, you must be careful and calculate, don’t be too risky and recklessly bet on the majority. People with a flexible mind and sophisticated thinking will have a huge advantage when playing sports betting.

Besides, the next thing you need to keep in mind is to manage your own emotions well, a spirit of perseverance and perseverance is the best way to play. When you lose a bet, don’t be discouraged, use it as motivation to bet on the new football tournament. In addition, when it comes to soccer, you should not just trust one team you like. Depending on the situation, changing your decision will easily bring you victory.


Believe that, through 55BMW’s specific article, you have grasped the definition of a 1/4 handicap. From there you can experience this new form of betting with more certainty and confidence. Use the playing tips you have accumulated and cultivated, and persevere with your passion to help you achieve success.

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