Bundesliga top scorer – Hero who made history

Bundesliga top scorer is a title that any player participating in the German championship football season wants to conquer. Today bookmaker 55BMW will bring interesting content surrounding this noble title.

Find out relevant information about the Bundesliga tournament

Find out relevant information about the Bundesliga tournament

Bundesliga is known as Germany’s football tournament, shining with its teams’ all-out attacking style of play, creating a unique dramatic atmosphere. With each round, the Bundesliga is not only a place to compete but also a unique football art playground, where famous writers note the dramatic lines of artistic performances on the field.

The thrill of the team’s passion spreads in every corner of the field, making the Bundesliga an ideal destination for those who love sports and the art of football. The atmosphere at Bundesliga stadiums is often bustling and full of life, making viewers unable to take their eyes off the screen every time they register for the experience.

What is the title of Bundesliga’s top scorer?

The title of Bundesliga top scorer is one of the most noble and especially important honors in the career of any football player. This is not only an individual award, but also a prestigious symbol of the scoring ability of the person who achieves it.

The top scorer is not only someone who is good at scoring goals but is also at the top of the list of creative and decisive stars in every match of the Bundesliga season. Up to each round, each of their goals not only brings valuable points but is also a source of encouragement, shaping the team’s achievements and fighting psychology.

The position of Top Scorer is not only based on the ability to score the most goals, but also requires perseverance, concentration, and a solid understanding of the team’s tactics. The player who won this title is not only a person with a “golden leg” but also a major contributor to the success of the home team.

List of the most impressive Bundesliga top scorers

List of the most impressive Bundesliga top scorers

Below is the list of the most successful Bundesliga top scorers:

Robert Lewandowski is the owner of the Bundesliga’s top scorer in 2019 – 2020

After 34 intense rounds in the Bundesliga 2019-2020 season, Robert Lewandowski, a talented striker of Bayern Munich, once again proved his superiority by being crowned “Bundesliga top scorer.” With impressive achievements, Lewandowski scored a total of 34 goals, creating a significant gap compared to second place, Timo Werner, with only 10 goals.

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This is not only a personal achievement, but also a clear demonstration of his excellent scoring ability and great influence on the team. This is the 5th time in his career, that Lewandowski has contributed his name to the Bundesliga top scorer list, bringing his name to the top.

In previous seasons, from 2013-2014 to 2018-2019, he continuously made his name known with his excellence in scoring. This is not just about statistics but also reflects Lewandowski’s stability and professionalism over many seasons.

Overall, Lewandowski is not only an excellent player on the field but also a symbol of perseverance with constant efforts in his football career. Many fans not only see him as a top scorer but also as a leader and motivator for his teammates.

Harry Kane achieved a new feat for the noble title

Harry Kane achieved a new feat for the noble title

Harry Kane carved his name into a new feat in football history when he conquered the prestigious title of Bundesliga top scorer in the current season. With 17 goals scored after 11 rounds, the talented Bayern Munich striker officially surpassed the scoring record of last season’s top scorers.

The match against Heidenheim witnessed an excellent performance from Harry Kane when he scored twice to help Bayern Munich take a 2-0 lead. With these goals, Kane increased his total number of goals to 17, surpassing both Dortmund’s Niclas Fullkrug and Christopher Nkunku, players who each had 16 goals last season.

Not only that, Harry Kane is not only a hero in the domestic tournament but also a successful contract for Bayern Munich. With a total of 21 goals in all competitions this season, the 30-year-old striker not only greatly contributed to the team’s success but also proved his class and excellent scoring ability.

What is especially noteworthy is that Harry Kane is not only aiming for the title of Bundesliga top scorer but can also break the record of 41 goals in a season, an achievement that Robert Lewandowski set in the 2020/21 season. Kane’s excellence on the Bayern Munich field is creating a new history in his and the team’s journey.


Bundesliga’s top scorer is truly a prestigious award that pays tribute to the heroes who brought glory to the team. In the future, there will certainly be many new names competing to add their names to the list of this award.

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