Exciting Volleyball Betting at Phjoy

Volleyball betting has become one of the most popular and attractive forms of sports betting, with big prizes. With the development of technology and the internet, players can participate in volleyball matches faster. Let’s learn about volleyball betting with Phjoy through the following article.

What is volleyball betting?

What is volleyball betting?

Volleyball – an official Olympic sport, requires scoring points by bringing the ball into the opponent’s court. In each match, the two teams enjoy intense competition, with a goal and a net separating them. To add to the fun, we offer live volleyball betting from tournaments around the world. This experience gives players a feeling of excitement right from the first moments of each match.


Moneyline betting markets determine the winner of the entire match or half.

Handicap markets are based on score or round (please refer to market title). Over/Under and Odd/Even markets are based on total points (unless otherwise stated).

If a team does not participate in the tournament or match, all relevant bets will be void.

If a team retires or is eliminated from the match, all bets will be void, unless other conditions are stated.

In the event of a match being suspended or postponed, all bets will stand if the match resumes within 12 hours.

First (second, third, etc.) round winner markets apply to the result of the respective round only. All bets will be void if the round is not completed.

Online volleyball bets are settled on the result of the entire match or set. Scores are not updated for online volleyball bets.

Volleyball bets

Money Line Betting (Winning Team): Players can bet on the team they think will win.

Volleyball Handicap: Bookmaker 868h will offer a handicap, and players can choose to bet based on this rate and wait for the results.

Total Points Bet: Players predict the total number of points that either team will score when winning. This form applies to both beach volleyball and indoor volleyball. For example, in beach volleyball, two teams only compete for 3 rounds, so the total score will range from 130 to 136 points.

Exact score bet: Players can bet on the exact score to predict which team will win and by what score.

Betting on the top team: In major volleyball tournaments, teams are often divided into many groups. With this form of betting, players can bet on which team will achieve the best results in that group.

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How to participate in volleyball betting

Step 1: Log in to your Phjoy account. If you don’t already have an account, you must register by giving the system your personal information.

Step 2: Deposit money into your account following the instructions. After the money has been successfully deposited, return to the home page to continue.

Step 3: On the home page, you will see sports sections. Please select “Volleyball” to continue.

Step 4: In the “Volleyball” section, you will see a list of tournaments and matches available to bet on. Select the tournament and match that interests you.

Step 5: After selecting the match, you will see bet types such as Money Line, handicap, total score, exact score, and top team bet. Please select the type of bet you want to participate in.

Step 6: Place the bet amount on the bet you have chosen and confirm the bet.

Experience in playing volleyball betting

Understand volleyball rules, betting rules, types of bets and scoring methods. Players should learn this information to be able to participate in betting professionally.

Next, players should master the odds and scoring methods that can be applied in volleyball matches.

Players should also take the time to find out information about the team they are interested in. This includes mastering the match schedule so as not to miss important matches, especially matches with the participation of excellent players.

With a variety of bet types and detailed tournament information, players can enjoy a professional and enjoyable betting experience. The easy-to-use interface and privacy policy ensure player safety.

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