What is Extra Time Betting? Experience in Overtime Betting

Extra time is not a popular bet because not every match has it. However, when it appeared, this type of bet attracted the attention of many players thanks to its attractiveness and high reward rate. If you want to better understand what extra time betting is, how to calculate it, and experience playing this type of bet, continue to follow Bookmaker 55BMW in this article.

What is extra time betting?

What is extra time betting?

Extra time, also known as Extra time, is an additional period of playing time after 90 minutes of official play, applied in matches where no team wins during that time. In matches with extra time, bookmakers will offer the same types of bets as in the two official halves.

Each extra period lasts 15 minutes, and after the end of each extra period, the two teams will exchange fields without any break between the two halves. If at the end of both extra periods there is still no winner, a penalty shootout will be held to decide the result.

Extra time is a period of time where both teams have a chance to score and create a chance for the player to win the bet. However, the risk in this stage of reading the odds is very high because the player’s physical strength has decreased and the result of the match may not be as initially predicted. Therefore, players need to be extremely careful when participating in this type of bet.

Rules for calculating extra time bets

Rules for calculating extra time bets

The rules for calculating overtime bets are clearly defined as follows:

Extra time betting only applies when tournament regulations include the playing time of two extra periods. In this case, the bookies will offer the same types of bets as in the two main rounds.

If the tournament stipulates that at the end of 90 minutes of official play, if the two teams are tied, the winner must be decided through a penalty shootout, then the extra time bet will not exist. In this case, only penalty shootout bets are offered by the bookmaker.

Extra time bets are treated as a new match, in which the score starts from 0:0 when extra time begins. Data during the two extra periods will be used to determine the winning or losing results of extra-time bets.

Each extra period lasts 15 minutes and there is additional overtime. In case of failure to complete both extra periods, all extra time bets will be void and the player will be refunded by the bookmaker.

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The most popular extra-time bets

The most popular extra-time bets
  • Similar to bets on the two main halves, the types of bets on the two extra halves that bookmakers also offer are very diverse and attractive, including:
  • Extra time bet: This is a type of bet where players predict and bet whether the match will have extra time or not.
  • Match result bet: A type of bet similar to European bets, in which players predict and bet on the team that will win after the end of the extra time.
  • Extra time goals bet: Similar to the Over/Under bet, players need to predict the total number of goals scored by both teams during the two extra periods, and whether this number will be more or less than the home number. the given.

Experience in playing extra time betting

  • Although overtime betting is not too complicated, to improve the possibility of winning, players need to refer to the following experiences:
  • Find out and collect complete information about both teams, especially about the physical condition, confrontation history, and attack tactics of both teams in the final stages of the match, and from there make betting decisions. the most exactly.
  • Continuously monitor the progress of the match to accurately assess the capabilities of both teams, especially after two extra periods when the players’ physical strength has decreased significantly and the initial prediction may no longer reflect it. Correct match situation.
  • Choose to participate in extra-time betting at large and reputable bookmakers in the market to ensure fairness, transparency, and the best odds. At the same time, if you win, the player will be rewarded quickly and reliably.
  • Refer and accumulate more experience from other players to have more accurate and effective betting data.


Through Gamersalliance’s article above, you certainly have an overview of extra time betting, from definition to betting rules, as well as popular types of bets and valuable experiences shared by experts. masters and experts. Hopefully, this information will help you be more confident when facing this type of bet. Wishing you an enjoyable and successful betting experience!

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