Top 10 football stars with the highest income in the world

The football stars with the highest income each year record a strong differentiation. Ronaldo earns 213 million pounds, Messi earns 111 million pounds,…Cristiano Ronaldo until 2024 will still be the highest-paid football player on the planet, twice as much as his competitor Lionel Messi. Join 77jl to take a look at the salaries of the top 10 highest football players in the world currently in the article below.

Top 1. Cristiano Ronaldo – at Al-Nassr received 213 million pounds

Top 1. Cristiano Ronaldo – at Al-Nassr received 213 million pounds

According to Forbes, the Portuguese superstar striker is earning about 213 million pounds for a year’s salary playing in Asia. CR7 is one of 4 stars playing in Saudi Arabia who are in the top 10 highest-paid stars in the world.

This star is ranked first, 2 times higher than the person ranked 2nd, and 8 times higher than the person ranked 10th only receiving 30 million pounds/year. Not to mention, when Ronaldo came to Saudi Arabia, he also received countless advertising contracts and promotions from home, car, shopping, etc.

Top 2. Lionel Messi received 111 million pounds at Inter Miami 

If Messi goes to Saudi Arabia, he can receive more salary than Ronaldo in a year. However, the Argentine player chose the American professional tournament because he thought football had better development there. With a net salary of 111 million pounds, Messi also receives countless perks when playing at Inter Miami. Perhaps the player’s salary is low just to avoid taxes. With what Messi is still showing, he deserves to receive many times more.

Top 3. Neymar at Al Hilal received 92 million pounds

The Brazilian striker is one of four stars playing in Saudi Arabia in the top 10 and is ranked third. Owning 92 million pounds including salary and many perks in Asia, Al Hilal is turning Neymar into the true “king” of world football today.

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Top 4. Kylian Mbappe at PSG received 90 million pounds

Neymar’s former teammate at PSG is receiving a salary of 90 million pounds at the age of 24. The French striker is currently keen to move away after not having much success at Parc des Princes. However, not many teams in Europe can currently meet his salary.

Top 5. Karim Benzema received 87 million pounds

The top 10 highest-paid football stars would not have a French striker if he did not move to Saudi Arabia. A huge bargain for the 2022 Golden Ball at the age of 38. For Benzema, playing with a salary of 87 million pounds right now is worth the trade-off.

Top 6. Erling Haaland receives 48 million pounds per year at Man City

Top 6. Erling Haaland receives 48 million pounds per year at Man City

The young Norwegian striker receives 48 million pounds a year while playing extremely brilliantly at Man City. The player with the highest salary in the Premier League at just 19 years old, Haaland truly deserves what he is performing.

Top 7. Mohamed Salah of Liverpool received 44 million pounds

Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah is ranked behind his junior in Man City and if he had come to Saudi Arabia last summer, things would have been different. Salah’s current earnings are ranked 2nd in the Premier League and ranked 7th in the list of highest-paid football stars in the world at this time.

Top 8. Sadio Mane received 43 million pounds

Sadio Mane also received a very high salary only when he moved to Saudi Arabia to play alongside teammate Ronaldo at Al Nassr. Currently, this African striker receives 43 million pounds per year in a 3-year contract with the Arab team. After the altercation with Sane, this player born in 1992 parted ways with Bayern and opened new horizons in Asia.

Top 9. De Bruyne received 32 million pounds

Kevin De Bruyne has an estimated income of 32 million pounds per year but not by salary. At this time, he was receiving 350,000 pounds a week but received a large contract with McDonald’s in his native Belgium. That helps the Belgian midfielder join the top of the highest-paid football stars in the world right now.

Top 10. Harry Kane received 30 million pounds at Bayern Munich 

Top 10. Harry Kane received 30 million pounds at Bayern Munich 

England captain Harry Kane also entered the top 10 after moving to Bayern Munich but is also not a source of salary income. This striker receives a salary and a multi-year contract with the newly signed online retail company Fanatics. Receiving 30 million pounds per year is a number he will be hard to get if he plays at Tottenham.

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The football stars with the highest income in 2024 have been revealed with the surpassing of players moving to Asia to play. Ronaldo shows his outstanding ability to make money wherever he is. Hopefully, the article content has provided you with new and interesting football information.

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