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Play Sic bo is a game in Asian casinos. This is a game that depends a lot on luck. However, players need to understand the rules before playing to calculate. At the same time, the experience shared below by experts from the wowjili ph family will help you succeed while playing. Follow the content below to read the detailed summary!

What is a Sic Bo game?

What is a hundred-person Sicbo game?

Many gamers appreciate this entertaining gambling game when playing at casinos. The Sicbo game originated in China and has spread to the north of our country. Through integration and development, the game has become popular in many Asian casinos.

According to the flow of history, hundreds of people spread to America and Europe. Now, Online play is gradually replacing traditional play and is accepted by players.

With the development of the technology platform, the game has updated its betting version at bookmaker Wowjili. The Sicbo game will include 3 different 6-sided 6-point dice, each with the same number of points from 1 to 6. At the same time, tools such as plates, bowls, or tubes are also needed to lift the dice.

When starting, the dealer will put 3 dice on the plate and proceed to raise the dice. The player must predict the total score of the 3 dice. The player then places his bet in the corresponding bet box that he predicted.

Rules for playing the Sicbo game at Wowjili

The house system will open the bowl after gamers place their bets in the bonus boxes. You will see the most transparent and clear results in the form of a live stream.

  • Gamers place their bets on the Sicbo slot by selecting the cash section. This item appears on the house screen interface. Then choose the bet you want to win. Note that there are 2 OVER bets and you cannot bet on these 2 bets at the same time.
  • After completing the bet, the dealer will open the bowl. In whichever bet window wins, the player will receive a notification and a reward according to the corresponding rate.

Bets that players need to know in Sicbo game

Bets that players need to know in Sicbo game

The most important thing is that players need to understand the types of bets in the game. Specifically, the following types of popular bets are available:


In the 100-person Sicbo game, you bet on the Over or Under box which is a popular bet. The odds of winning in this bet are 50/50 and the odds of winning are as follows:

  • Over when the total of 3 dice scores 11-17.
  • Under when the total score of 3 dice is from 4 to 10.
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With Over – Under bets, the payout ratio is 1:1. That means if you bet $1 and win, you will receive an additional $1. The probability of this bet is nearly 50%, so this is a low-risk Sicbo game.

In case the 3 dice are the same set of 3, you will lose when choosing this door.

Double bet in a hundred-person Sicbo game

When a player bets on a pair, 2 dice with the same score appear. You can bet 1 or as many as you want from pair 1 to pair 6. The equivalent winning ratio is 1:10. For example, if you bet on a pair of $1 and the results of both dice are the same, you will receive $10.

Bet three

This bet is on exactly 3 dice with the same score. There are 2 types of treble bets:

  • The payout ratio is equivalent to 1;180 if you bet a triple on a specific box from 1-6.
  • The payout ratio will be 30:1 if the player only bets on any three.

Total bet in hundred-person Sicbo game wowjili

The total score of the 3 dice helps players have arbitrary bets. There will be cells with totals from 4-17 to choose from. Each box’s payout rates are different and clearly stated in those boxes. Typically, if you bet on a total of 4, you win 1:60, if you bet on a total of 5, you win 1:30…

Bet on pairs of numbers

When rolling 3 dice, the player bets on two pairs. There are a total of 15 pairs of numbers for gamers to choose from. For example, you choose a pair of 3 4 or a pair of 2 6, or a pair of 2 5… The payout ratio when choosing to bet on this pair of numbers is 5:1.

Bet on specific numbers

At the end, the player can bet 3 dice on a specific number of their choice. From 1 to 6, if the dice match the result, the player wins.

The payout rate in this bet depends on the number of times the number comes out. Corresponding to 1:1 ratio if adding 1 tablet. In case of two pills, the ratio is 2:1 and if there are more than 3 pills, the ratio is 3:1.

The most effective way to play a hundred-person Sicbo game

Sicbo game has quite simple gameplay with extremely high reward rates and great winning probability. That’s why this card game is currently viral in Asian countries. However, to win, you need to know how to analyze and calculate quickly.

Understand carefully the rules of playing the Sicbo game at bookmaker wowjili

Make sure one thing is that before depositing money, the player must understand the rules of playing 100 people Sicbo game. This is one of the most effective ways to play today. If new players do not understand the rules, they will not develop appropriate strategies. From there, the bets you make will be downright silly.

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For example: bet big then bet small or another bet option but the result is the same dice.

Forget about high-paying betting options

When choosing a high or even very high bonus, the chance of winning is less than 0.5%. If you think it’s better to lose big than win small, you’re wrong! This is the type of thinking that people lose while betting play Sic Bo hundreds of people.

If you win a small bet, one thing is for sure: you will maintain your capital and have more money. Later, if you have extra money, you can choose high-risk options. Because even if you lose, it won’t affect the money in your pocket.

However, choosing high-risk bets to win big is extremely rare. If you lose a lot but have little chance of winning, you will only get frustrated and feel uncomfortable. Meanwhile, the criteria for playing the hundred-person sicbo game is relaxation and entertainment.

Therefore, you should only bet on doors with a 50% win rate. Those bets are big, small or even/odd. You need to find a certain balance before considering high-risk bets.

Don’t follow “demand”

This is a typical method only available in Eastern countries. With an illusionary way of thinking, the house does not calculate and give the results of bets according to a predetermined order. From there, keep betting on a word that they can’t catch. This is a bad strategy while playing hundred-person Sicbo game.

The house will not interfere with the game results but will cooperate with game production companies. At the same time, because of prestige, no judge will cheat and announce unfair results.

So no matter the result, it is important to remember that it is random, there is no “demand” at all. This helps players get into the mistakes of previous predictions.

Always keep a cool head and make decisions

Whether it is or not, playing sic bo must know one thing: that playing Sic Bo is a game of chance. Therefore, it is not uncommon for players to lose their temper when the results are announced. Players who lose continuously will feel angry because the results are not according to their wishes. From then on, he will be hot-blooded and try to bet big in hopes of revenge. Although you also win, you will not gain much but instead lose a more significant amount of money.

If this is the case, determine that you will only lose if you continue. So stop playing for a few games, instead relax your mind but don’t continue playing. It’s best to stop until the next day if your spirit is unstable again.

It is necessary to control financial resources while betting play Sic Bo

One thing that gamers are proactive about when playing the sic bo game at Bookmaker Wowjili is financial independence. If you have money in your account, you can play, but if you don’t have money, you can’t borrow money to play.

You must choose the appropriate bet amount to ensure long-term, stable play. If this is not done seriously, money will soon run out. If applied successfully, the amount of money will increase rapidly.

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