Pok Deng card game, sharing easy-to-understand gameplay

Many bettors are concerned about what Pok Deng is and how to play it online and win. Participating in this card game is not too difficult, but it requires a lot of experience and skills to master every situation. Don’t worry too much; I will summarize all professionals’ experiences in Phmacao in the following article.

What is Pok deng?

What is Pok deng?

Pok Deng is a card game from Thailand that uses 52 cards. The game aims to combine 2 or 3 cards for the highest total score to win against the dealer. This card game usually has from 2 to 6 players, in which one player is chosen as the dealer, bets are held directly between the player and the dealer.

With simple gameplay and high winning rates, Pok Deng card game attracts many lovers. Currently, this card game is widely popular in online casinos. If you are interested in participating, let’s learn about the rules and how to play Pok Deng in the next section.

Learn about Pok deng

If you already understand the Pok Deng card game concept, you can learn how to play as shared below.

Choose the dealer

When starting, you will be chosen as the player or the dealer. As a player, you will know the dealer’s cards; as the dealer, you will know the players’ cards. To determine who will be the dealer, an auction will take place, the higher bidder will win the right to be the dealer, and in case 2 people are bidding the highest, the highest bidder will become the dealer. dealer.

Start dealing cards

After determining the bettor, players can deposit money to bet according to their wishes. The online card-playing system will deal you 2 cards after you have successfully placed a bet.

How to play Pok Deng card game?

How to play Pok Deng card game?

Compare card values

This game is similar to blackjack in the Philippines. If someone has Pok, the rest will have to turn over their cards to compare. The player calculates the score and compares it with the dealer. If the player has the higher score, they will win. Before participating, you need to deposit money into the system because if you lose the bet, you will have to return the original bet amount.

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What are the scoring rules in the card game Pok Deng?

Score is the criterion to evaluate whether your deck of cards is high or low. The scoring method in Pok Deng is relatively similar to the calculation method in Vietnamese scratch cards, specifically:

Cards from 2 to 9 will receive points corresponding to the number written on the card. For example, a 6 card will count as 6 points.

The 10-J-Q-K cards will not count, meaning their score is 0.

Piece A is 1 point.

The total score of a deck of cards more significant than 10 will only be counted in units, not tens. For example: If you receive 2 cards, J and 6, your score is 6. If you have 3 cards J-2-9, your total score is 1 instead of 11.

What are the scoring rules in the Pok Deng card game?

Pok Deng’s game strategy to win significant from experts

In addition to understanding the concept of Pok Deng, you also need to learn strategies to ensure the best bets. To improve your winning rate, understanding how to play Pok Deng is only part, you also need to note the following things when participating in the game:

Understand the rules of the game: Mastering the rules and your opponent’s reactions can increase your chances of winning the games you participate in.

Maintain mental stability: Being calm helps you make accurate decisions. Losing mental control can easily lead to failure because you cannot calculate properly.

Observe the dealer: Normally, if the dealer has a high total score, they will not draw more cards. If your score is average, consider drawing more to win.

Knowing when to stop: This is an important note when participating in any betting game. Set limits for yourself, and when the game ends, whether you win or lose, know to stop.

Pok Deng game strategy to win big from experts


So, the above article is to provide detailed information about what the Pok Deng card game is and how to participate. This is an interesting money-making card game. If you understand the rules of the game and know how to bet wisely, you can reap valuable rewards for yourself. Don’t forget to combine expert strategies to master every game and receive the biggest bonuses.

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