What is a first first-served bet? Playing tips from experts

What is a first first-served bet? This is not a new form of soccer betting, but many recruits are still confused about this bet. This bet is easy to understand, with the opportunity to earn huge rewards. If you want to quickly get involved in the game and win the bet on serving first. Don’t miss 55BMW‘s article about answering bets as well as providing playing tips right below.

What is a first first-served bet?

What is a first first-served bet?

What is a first first-served bet? This bet is a form in which participants will predict which team has the right to serve in the first moments of the match. It is also known as a kick-off bet, everyone will quickly know the result right from the beginning after the opening whistle blows.

It can be said that this is a form of testing the luck of bettors. Because serving the ball first will not depend on any factors like other bets such as over/under, penalty card bets, etc. It will not be affected by home or away factors; rankings, the performance of the two teams, etc. affect it. Instead, the team that decides to serve first will be the result of the referee tossing a coin.

However, players also need to know how to analyze bets to win. Chu Skhoong just relies on luck as many new players mistakenly think. Many experts have earned a lot of money thanks to having tips on playing serve odds when placing correct bets.

How to read first-serve odds and examples

How to read first-serve odds and examples
  • According to the bookmaker’s regulations, this bet only has two options: home team and away team. Therefore, the chances of winning for both sides are 50-50, but the odds are different because the home team is more likely to deliver first. What is the bet on the first-serve bet? As follows:
  • If you bet on the team that serves first and guess correctly, your winnings are capital * odds.
  • If you bet on the wrong team to serve first, you will lose your initial capital.
  • You can follow the example below to better understand this bet: In the match between Arsenal and Manchester City in the Premier League, the two teams have the odds of Arsenal – 1.90 and Man City – 2.10, respectively. Suppose, you bet $10 on Man City in the hope that they will be the team to kick the ball first, then the following situations will happen:
  • Arsenal plays first, you lose $10.
  • Man City serves first, and you win the bet with a winning amount of 10 * 2.10 = 21$.
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Summary of effective tips for playing first-serve betting

Summary of effective tips for playing first-serve betting

When playing any soccer bet, you also need to have tips. Below are some effective playing tips that many people apply when betting on the team that serves first that new bettors need to learn.

Need to clearly understand home and away field information

After learning what the first-serve bet is? the first serve will depend on the randomness of the coin that the referee shows. But reality shows that more than 60% of matches take place with the home team having the right to serve first. So in this case, you should find out which team is the host and which team is the guest. If you have not yet made a firm decision, you should prioritize betting on the home team.

Check previous matches with the same referee

You need to pay attention to who the referee is in the match when betting on the team to serve first. Because the referee’s actions will decide the match, especially deciding which side serves the ball first. Ideally, you need to consider the last 5-7 matches in all competitions that were controlled by the same referee. This way, everyone will have more accurate data to place bets.

Effective capital management and compliance are required

When depositing money to participate in football betting in general and especially first-served bets in particular, you need to know how to manage your betting capital. Because it will help you know when to stop, when to bet, and control your capital better when participating in risky bets.

Accordingly, everyone needs to come up with a plan to use capital for different bets. With different limits such as betting limits for any bet, winning-losing limits, etc. The more carefully you set them up and follow them in an absolute way, the more you will be able to control your capital. Use capital more effectively.


After reading the above article, surely new players will have a better understanding of What is a first first-served bet. This is a risky ball bet, but if you know how to apply the playing tips we reveal, it will help you increase your chances of winning when playing. Please register to participate and apply the above tips to easily earn great rewards.

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