10 world legendary goalkeepers – Excellent goalkeepers

Which 10 world legendary goalkeepers will be the names that have created football history and are the content that bookmaker 55BMW will bring today. These legendary goalkeepers are not only excellent goalkeepers but also great symbols, contributing to the beautiful history books of the king’s sport.

Gianluigi Buffon leads the rankings

Gianluigi Buffon leads the rankings

In the world of football, the title of best goalkeeper in history is not an easy title to achieve and in the list of top 10 world legendary goalkeepers, Gianluigi Buffon, who leads the rating is a legend. unparalleled voice. Buffon, the Italian goalkeeper, won 8 Serie A championships with Juventus and conquered the peak with the Italian team when they were crowned at the 2006 World Cup.

Goalkeeper Lev Yashin received the Golden Ball award

Next on the list of the top 10 world legendary goalkeepers is Lev Yashin, who was honored as the only goalkeeper in history to win the Golden Ball award. With spectacular reflexes and unbelievable saves, Yashin is not only an excellent goalkeeper but also a symbol of perfection in the task of protecting the goal. Many players who registered to participate in large bets are fans of this talented goalkeeper.

Dino Zoff is Italy’s goalkeeper with many impressive achievements

Dino Zoff, who won the 1982 World Cup at the age of 40, is another famous goalkeeper on the list. With 6 Serie A championships with Juventus and the EURO 1968 title with the Italian team, Zoff has left a profound mark on his career.

Manuel Neuer is the owner of many top saves

Manuel Neuer is the owner of many top saves

Manuel Neuer, a phenomenon of the new generation, not only stands out with his excellent goal-keeping ability but is also the best goalkeeper in history. With 11 Bundesliga titles, 2 Champions Leagues, and 1 World Cup, Neuer has set a new standard for the goalkeeper position.

Sepp Maier talented German goalkeeper

Sepp Maier, the top goalkeeper of Bayern Munich and the German national team, is one of the greatest goalkeepers. With three consecutive C1 championships with Bayern Munich the 1972 EURO title and the 1974 World Cup with the West German team, Maier has proven his strength and stability at the biggest events.

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British legend Peter Shilton

One of the legends that cannot be ignored is Peter Shilton, an Englishman who has played professional football for three decades. Shilton was not only the No. 1 goalkeeper of the Three Lions at the 1990 World Cup finals at the age of 40 but also left a strong mark when he helped Nottingham Forest win the C1 championship in 1979 and 1980.

Edwin van der Sar is the best goalkeeper of the Netherlands team

Edwin van der Sar is the best goalkeeper of the Netherlands team

Edwin van der Sar is a Dutch player with excellent footwork skills. Van der Sar was part of Ajax’s squad that won the C1 championship in 1995. After a lackluster period at Juventus, he brightened when he moved to Fulham and then Manchester United. At Old Trafford, Van der Sar continued to shine when he helped the team win the C1 championship in 2008 and win the Premier League in 2011.

Iker Casillas achieved much success with the Spain team

Iker Casillas, the Spanish goalkeeper, has made an impressive mark at both the club and national team levels. With 5 La Liga and 3 C1 championships with Real Madrid, Casillas proves his class. With La Roja, he won EURO 2008, 2012, and World Cup 2010, and was honored by the World Federation of Football History and Statistics as the best goalkeeper from 2008 to 2012.

Peter Schmeichel is the hero of the Danish national team

Peter Schmeichel is a Danish goalkeeper who not only won the historic treble in the 1998/1999 season with Manchester United but was also an important part of the Danish team that won EURO 1992. He was once known as a hero. of the Danish team in every world football arena.

Gordon Banks was voted the best goalkeeper in the world

Finally, remember Gordon Banks, a member of the Three Lions who won the 1966 World Cup. FIFA voted him the best goalkeeper in the world continuously for 6 years, from 1966 to 1971, thanks to his top saves. high, especially Pele’s header at the 1970 World Cup.


The 10 world legendary goalkeepers on the list above have left indelible marks in football history, proving that, in this position, they are not only goalkeepers but also true legends. real. They are an endless source of inspiration for the next generations to strive and try harder in their career pursuits.

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