What is yellow card betting? Betting tips come from 55BMW

Yellow card betting is considered a variation of the traditional type of soccer betting. With that novelty and uniqueness, many gamers have flocked to the 55BMW website to experience this interesting betting genre. Today’s betting section will help you know how to calculate and predict the exact number of penalty cards in any match!

Concept of yellow card betting

Concept of yellow card betting

Yellow card betting or penalty card betting is a form of betting in which players predict the number of yellow cards a player will receive in a football match. Players with bad playing styles will be the target for you to place this bet. Similar to other types of soccer betting, penalty card bets are also divided into many types, such as 1X2 penalty card bets, over/under penalty bets, over/under penalty card bets,… with extremely high payout rates. High. Except for veteran bettors, most rookies only know this betting genre. Therefore, before participating in the game, you need to learn how to bet on penalty cards to maximize your winning rate.

Instructions on how to play the yellow card bet correctly

Instructions on how to play the yellow card bet correctly

Currently, at the 55BMW game hall, we are providing 3 basic types of card bets for you to participate in betting. And that is:

handicap betting on yellow cards

What is handicap betting? In this type of bet, there will be 2 teams on top and 5 on the bottom according to the handicap prescribed by the house. A yellow card with points is considered valid only if the player on the field who is playing receives the card, and the off-field coach and substitute players will not be counted. The method of calculating points based on cards is quite simple, yellow cards will be counted as 1 point and red cards will be counted as double with 2 points. Based on the number drawn by the referee, the player will calculate the total score at the end of the match (90th minute). Based on that, you will know which bets you won and which bets you lost.

Over/Under betting penalty cards

When participating in this bet, you will have to predict the total number of penalty cards that 2 teams will receive in a 90-minute match or 1 half to choose over or under. Over means the player chooses that the total number of golden tokens in the match will be greater than the number the house predicts, and Under is the opposite. The method of calculating the over/under penalty card bet and the conditions for receiving points are similar to the handicap bet above.

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Bet on time penalty cards

This form of betting on penalty cards is quite simple with a shorter and more specific scoring time. That means the player needs to predict the total number of yellow cards drawn in a certain period, previously confirmed by the dealer. This type of betting helps you save playing time as well as avoid having to sit and watch all 90 minutes of the match.

How to predict penalty cards effectively

How to predict penalty cards effectively

Currently, there are countless ways to predict penalty cards that are widely shared in the entertainment market. However, after a period of research, when downloading 55BMW we found that there are 3 potential betting methods that you need to know!

Betting based on historical football information

To make this betting method, you need to clearly understand the upcoming matches. Depending on different regions, the rate of drawing yellow cards will be different. According to a recent study by 55BMW betting experts, it has been shown that European football tournaments often have more yellow cards. In addition, you can also create a spreadsheet to find the team with the highest number of yellow cards to apply to the Over/Under penalty card bet.

Learn about refereeing

Winning or losing in this type of bet depends largely on the referee rather than the player. Therefore, learning clearly about the referee’s personality as well as his foul-catching style will help you judge more accurately the possibility of issuing a yellow card in the match. If the referee is difficult, you should choose bets with a large number of points, and conversely, if the referee is easy, you should choose bets with a small total score.

Learn about the team

Players are also an indispensable part of the penalty card betting process. If there are too many strikers in the team with rough play, the total number of penalty cards at the end of the match will certainly be very high. Therefore, you need to calculate the area of ​​​​players who are likely to receive cards and then calculate the lowest total score that can appear in the match to make a bet.

Today’s penalty card odds from bookmaker 55BMW

If you do not have enough ability to bet on yourself, you can visit 55BMW’s today’s golden betting section for reference. Here you will see an information panel created by experts with many years of experience. From that basis, gamers will somewhat increase the odds of successful betting.


Through this article, we have helped bettors understand football yellow card betting as well as the most popular betting methods today. If you want to experience this new betting genre, come to the sports category of bookmaker 55BMW now!

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